Dina Neal

A native Nevadan, Dina Neal was born in North Las Vegas, Nevada and is a single mother of two children.  All of her siblings including herself went to elementary, middle and high school in Clark County.

As the daughter of former state Sen. Joe Neal, Dina Neal has been soaked in politics since birth. Her first trip to the Legislature came a year after she was born, when her dad, the first black person to serve in the state Senate, arrived for the first of his eight consecutive terms. She was raised mostly by her mother Estelle Neal, a dietitian, whom Dina lost in a long battle with breast cancer in 1997.

Dina’s parents were the bedrock of the moral values in which, she stands for today. Both of her parents believed that most battles worth fighting for are the fights, which are the toughest. Dina, at 15, started her first lesson of learning unrelenting commitment from her mother. Her mother had two battles with cancer, fighting each day to live the best life and to serve others. Her mother served St. James Catholic Church, maintained her own consulting business, and left a legacy of warmth, caring, and dedication to her friends and church. Her father did the same in his quest to serve the state with respect, integrity, honesty, and dignity.

Dina began her public service early in life. She spent her early days traveling to Carson City, to visit the legislature. She was always reading and analyzing even as child. She walked her fathers’ district and put up campaign signs year after year. She took a special interest in reading the law and eventually went to law school.

When she left for college she continued her public service and leadership, she immediately became Opinion Editor on Southern A&M University newspaper for three years. She became president of Pre-Law Association, Political Science Association, Pi sigma Alpha, plus reared her 6 month old daughter, and made the Deans List.

After her graduation she left and enrolled in Southern University Law School, so as not to uproot her family. She worked actively on Social Justice and Environmental issues in Louisiana. She worked part-time while in law school and went to school full-time and raised her family.

After graduating from law school, she decided she wanted to teach, to help the children in Clark County. She spent years teaching English, and being an Adjunct Professor at the College of Southern Nevada.

She got involved in local boards and community organizations, SNEC (Southern Nevada Economic Enterprise Board);Clark County Community Development Advisory Board; Assembly District Leader for 7; 2008 Democratic Caucus Chair for Precinct 4017; Clark County Democratic Party; NAACP Education Committee, Political Action, Legal Redress, and Economic Development.

Dina strongly believes in the success of working families; she is apart of that group, and she is determined to make sure that these families survive. She is a person who believes in people, who wants to serve their best interests, not her own.