Susie Martinez

Susan Martinez was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has worked in the hospitality industry for 30 years, and her job has helped her provide a good life for both her and her daughter Victoria.

Her parents moved to Las Vegas in 1959 to give her and her sisters a brighter future. Her parents raised them to always give back to their neighbors and to the community who had given them so much.

She has lived in her home district, District 12, for over 20 years, and wants her community to continue to thrive. As Assemblywoman, she wants to ensure her community will not be left behind. She wants to build a partnership with Metro Police to create effective Neighborhood Watch organizations on every block and use innovative family-friendly neighborhood events, to promote long-term community investment. She wants to champion the rights of senior citizens to stay in their homes and make their own guardianship decisions.

Children deserve representatives that puts education first. She will work to protect school funding, reduce class size, and ensure our teachers are compensated adequately. It’s time we make education a top priority!